Achieving Excellence in Automotive Cybersecurity (R155): Our Journey to ISO 21434 Certification

Since late 2023, our company has embarked on a rigorous journey to achieve the ISO 21434 certification, ensuring our compliance with the European Regulation R155. These regulations address the critical issue of cybersecurity in the automotive sector, mandating stringent standards across all levels of automobile production—from conception and design to development, production, and post-production.

After months of dedicated effort, including countless long nights, our hard work paid off. This April, we underwent a comprehensive audit by UTAC, a renowned auditing company in the automotive industry. Just a few weeks ago, we received the fantastic news: we have officially obtained the ISO 21434 certification.

This certification is a significant milestone, but our commitment to excellence and regulatory compliance doesn’t end here. Starting in September, our teams will begin preparing for the ISO 24089 certification, which addresses the R156 regulation. This upcoming certification focuses on cybersecurity and software updates in the automotive sector. We aim to undergo the audit for ISO 24089 in 2025.

For now, achieving the ISO 21434 certification marks a pivotal step in our mission to prioritise cybersecurity. This certification, valid for three years, not only validates our current efforts but also motivates us to stay ahead of industry standards, ensuring that our products remain at the top. We are immensely proud of this accomplishment and look forward to continually providing the best in automotive cybersecurity.