With a significative expertise in Radio Frequency, antenna design and optimization, our Wireless department covers activities from customer requirements to automotive production implementation.

Our laboratory is fully autonomous in term of RF instruments, spectrum & signal analyser, vector signal generator, vector network analyser, GNSS simulator, GTEM cell ensuring a good expertise of radio frequency performance and normative pre-qualifications of our products.


The company has, since its creation, a complete mastery of the Test part, developing their own test benches. In addition to factory production controls (visual control or AOI), each product is tested twice during the manufacturing cycle:
  • ICT (In Circuit Test), for programming and electrical control of the PCB;
  • FCT (Functional Test) on finish goods, for final control including radio frequency.
The daily retrieval of data test and their analysis allows us to react immediately in case of manufacturing process or test tool drift.


The System team is responsible for translating our customers’ needs into specifications to ensure that the Software, Hardware and Mechanical departments work on accurate information, quantified and testable requirements.

We also prepare tests to qualify our products whether in laboratories in extreme conditions, or on table and on vehicle in real conditions.


Our Software team is made up of engineers specialized in real time embedded systems with automotive experience, forming a group with complementary skills.

Programming mainly in C language on 8 to 32 bits microcontrollers, our expertise is based on the software development of wireless sensors and automotive control units utilizing a wide range of technologies including Mobile applications (Android & IOS).


Using the latest CAD technologies such as CATIA V5 system, our team designs and validates each mechanical component on LDL’s products.

Applying automotive design guide lines and more than 15 years of design capitalization, our mechanical team is able to offer the most reliable solution at the optimum level.


Integrating skilled and experienced automotive electronic specialists, the Hardware team adapts its solutions with our customer specifications working closely with all departments.

Specifying the product performance, our expertise is to imagine and create the hardware solutions with cost effective architecture, find the components, optimize for manufacturing, reuse qualified blocks and prototype the new ones.

We also manage external laboratories for qualifications and certifications on our products.