LID Technologies, a first-class automotive supplier, is specialized in the development, industrialization and commercialization of smart and wireless embedded electronic systems for automotive markets.

Founded in 2004 by Philippe Lefaure, a Radio engineer passionate about automotive mechanics, the company has been developed around a common vision: Develop innovative, smart and reliable wireless embedded systems contributing to environmental protection.

LID Technologies designs products from tire pressure sensors (TPMS) to hands-free access & start systems, as well as Telematics systems that allow tracking vehicle location while monitoring a large number of sensors including pressure, temperature, door opening,  level, position. In more than 15 years, the company has established its position in markets such as motorcycles, trucks & buses, Off The Road vehicles, construction, agriculture, small series vehicles and Racing.

Over the years, the LID Technologies adventure has brought together a community of specialists in embedded systems, passionate about their job and new technologies.  With more than 60 employees in France and a commercial presence in Germany, Turkey, Japan and United States, we implement our expertise as close as possible to our customers.

From the beginning, the company has always positioned R&D and innovation as a major strategic focus, especially with the application for 25 active patents since 2004. With the constant aim of inventing and improving our products, our internal culture encourages ideas and initiatives.

In late 2023, LID Technologies became member of the Amphenol global company.

In LID, we strongly believe that innovation and performance are the keys of our future mobility. This is why “Drive ahead” is our leitmotiv!