Develop innovative, smart and reliable wireless embedded systems contributing to environmental protection.

LID TECHNOLOGIES is committed to four fundamental values. They reflect our history and structure our professional approach:

Innovation: To be an innovative company, able to provide its customers with products developed in accordance with automotive quality, with an excellent price-performance ratio and highly contributing to enhance safety and environmental protection.

Performance: To be a company that seizes every evolution of the market or technology as an opportunity for development and growth. Our Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibility is part of this logic through strong commitments to improve the eco-responsibility of our employees and suppliers as well as to increase our solidarity initiatives.

Listening: To be a company based on our customers’ satisfaction, accompanying them on the long term. Meeting the increasingly high expectations of our customers, anticipating their needs and focusing on their requirements constitute our guideline as we evolve in a competitive market.

Team spirit: To be a company that respects and recognizes the contribution of each of its employees in order to bring out the best in each of them.