Our new innovation, set for launching in 2024

The ESCL, short for Electronic Steering Column Lock, started in 2021 in order to address the growing need of motorcycle manufacturers to offer Passive Start functions coupled with pressure monitoring and to respond to new RFQ’s. Our goal through this time has been to improve our concept in order to reach the demands of the motorcycle market by offering solutions and innovation at controlled costs.

Our new innovative product has been designed by integrating three main functions:

  1. The ESCL: Mechatronic system as a regulatory theft deterrent that locks the steering column when the motorcycle is stationary.
  2. The Hands-Free Start / Engine Immobilisation: Secure, encrypted, two-ways wireless communication system that allows the rider to start the engine without physically handling the key, by authenticating it. This particular system also measures the distance between the key and the motorcycle. The key must be within a close range (<1.5m) to unlock the system, thus protecting the motorcycle against theft.
  3. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): Wireless sensors measure the pressure and the temperature of each tire and transfer the information wirelessly to the receiver box (ESCL). This information is displayed on the original instrumental panel, through CAN bus.

These functions were previously managed by several ECUs. However, for the first time in the evolution of an ESCL system, LDL Technology’s teams have created a multi-functional system, which integrates all the above functions in one single ECU. In order to continue improving in our processes and products, our teams have also focused on an efficient design and materials, allowing them to reduce by half the original weight of existing ESCL products in the current market.

The new requirement for the quality and safety of our products constitutes a non-negligible business advantage for OEMs. Acquiring this standard of Q&S on our ESCL -which is required in the automotive sector and will be applied to all markets in the future-medium term-, will allow LDL Technology to demonstrate the reliability of its products in other areas like TPMS.

Advancements and launching of our ESCL

Within the project organisation and the quality process, the application and development of this new system requires more time than initially expected. Nevertheless, in only six months our teams have been able to develop a demo case which includes the ESCL ECU, a handlebar, an HMI interface on Android, and two TPMS sensors. This demo case replicates all ESCL functions.

LDL’s goal is to be ready for launching this new innovative product during the 1st Quarter of 2024. The progress and excellent execution of the ESCL project has so far demonstrated our commitment and dedication to proactively develop secure products at a high-quality standard.