Our company LDL Technology, founded in 2004, changed on January 1st 2023. From that date onwards, our new image has become a reflection of what we have achieved in the past, and of what we want to achieve in the future. Our company became LID Technologies, so allow us to tell you more about this transformation.

Since the company’s creation, our philosophy has been to provide our customers with high quality, technologically advanced products. As such, we have been committed to developing components that comply with standards, not only in terms of laws and regulations in the automotive industry, but also with respect to the environment. Sustainability was, and remains, a top priority for us.

As you may already know, LDL Technology celebrated its 18th anniversary in 2022, along with some emancipatory ideas that began to emerge. We knew it was time for a change and we had developed a new concept for our image and of what it stands for… it was the perfect opportunity to enter “adulthood” the right way.

After much thought and consideration, we finally decided on the name “LID”, because we could attribute several meanings to it, all of them equally important.

  • In French, it can be pronounced as “L’IDée” (the idea), as we have plenty of those here through world-premiere innovations.
  • In English, its pronunciation echoes “LEAD”, which in fact represents the rank in which our company has been able to position itself, in several fields, related to wireless technologies for TPMS and Telematics solutions.
  • Furthermore, given the strong environmental constraints and the strong influence of our products on CO2 emissions reduction (TPMS), the meaning of LID, “Low Impact Development,” seemed to us an obvious choice regarding the product portfolio, designed and developed in this mindset.

After deciding on LID, we also opted to use the word “Technology” in its plural form, to show our willingness and commitment to pursue innovation in diverse areas.

Following this entire rebranding process, we were able to reaffirm and reinforce our beliefs and values, and thus LID Technologies was finally born! Our image has been transformed into a more dynamic and modern version of itself, with more intricate details, which finally represents this new era for our company and for all those who have contributed to building our LID family.

What will LID do in the future?

We will continue, as we have done for the past 18 years, to develop, industrialise, and commercialise smart, wireless embedded electronic systems. In addition, we are working on more innovative and secure products that will reflect all the above.

We are pleased to welcome you here, in our website, where you can find specific details about our business, markets, and products. You can also check out our “News” page to find out more about what is happening in the coming months. You can follow us on LinkedIn, to keep up to date with new products, events, etc.

Finally, if you have a few minutes, you can watch the interview with our CEO and our COO. They tell you all about our transition to LID Technologies.